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Zamzuu (Shopping Online)


  Hello i work for a company call Zamzuu (Shopping Online) supporting the Homeless all you

  have to do is shop on Amazon through our websites and you will be helping the Homeless

  it is a good deal no cost to you. you do not have to do anything just shop


  If you do not see your product listed you can contact us in our message box tell us what produst you want and give us your email  address and we will send you a ( LINK ) to that product or just click on  ( ALL TAB ) and a list of product will come up or type itin on the bottom of our banner bar and click go it will take you inside our website where your product you want will come up and
you click on your product and you then place your product in your shopping cart when you are finish put in your shipping information and pay.we ship worldwide


We are looking for volunteers to help me promote our ads, video's and websites email us at  ( or ) email us at ( or ) send  us your email in our message box and say volunteer  we will send you our ad material.

We are having a contest going on after you have shop on our website send us your email and say the phrase 
( " I SHOP ON AMAZON THREW ZAMZUU ( SHOPPING ONLINE ) " ) and you will be enter in our contest. Also when you 
email us tell us what you have purchase.
1ST  PLACE $1,000
2nd  PLACE $500.00
3RD  PLACE $250.00
AND 50 emails will receive $50.00 gift card

send your email to: me  ( or the company )

The program, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, or HUD-VASH, is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the VA. HUD provides housing subsidy vouchers for veterans who are cared for by VA caseworkers, who can help address the causes of chronic homelessness. So far, the results have been outstanding: a 2017 VA study showed that veterans enrolled in HUD-VASH rarely returned to VA homeless programs.

The funding reallocation was a surprise, and, once revealed, it earned swift, bipartisan criticism by a Senate appropriations subcommittee, which strongly urged the VA stop the reallocation.


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